I figured it was time to share a bit about me, in addition to being a writer of course. Once in a while, I’ll give some details I think you’ll find interesting. Today, I thought I’d share some of my favorite things:

Meal: Veal Parmigiana

Drink: Non-alcoholic – seltzer water

Alcoholic: Negroni and beer (fave beer: Bissell Bros. Substance Ale)

Sport: to watch-football

to play: basketball and volleyball (played both in college)

Book: The Three Musketeers

Movie: Star Wars (all of them, save for The Rise of Skywalker.)

Athletes: John Elway, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan and Frank Thomas

Number: 41 – the average of my favorite athlete’s jersey numbers

Band: U2

Vacation spot: Jamaica (for now!!)

What are some of your favorites? Tell me below.

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