Fan Fiction         

I think it’s safe to say that we live in a time where pop culture and geekdom reign supreme. I was ostracized as a kid because I wore my love for Star Wars on my sleeve. Now, everyone is coming out of the woodwork as a fan. And no, I’m not bitter, I’m happy to know that my classmates and friends loved it. I just wished they’d said it much sooner, though.

There are a myriad number of ways to show that you’re into a particular nook, film or TV series today. One of the most polarizing, I have found is fan fiction.

What is fan fiction? Simply put, someone writes a story/novel or makes a short film set in an established fictional universe, like Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, etc.

There are a lot of well-known authors who have dabbled in fan fiction. Hell, the 50 Shades series began its life as Twilight Fan Fiction .

Among famous authors, there seems to be a sharp divide on fan fiction. And there are a lot of instances of parent companies issuing cease and desist orders on fan films, for example. While I can understand the fact that it’s TECHNICALLY copyright infringement, I personally see it as a wonderful thing. Someone loves your work so much that they want to emulate it in their own creative outlet. It’s not like the fan fiction writers can make money on it, so what’s the harm?

At the end of the day, copyright holders have a right to protect their property. I don’t agree with it, as it harms goodwill, but they can do what they want with their work. I just know I would be very flattered if someone wrote some Garrison Chase fan fiction.

Those that know me know I love Star Wars and plan on making my own fan film soon. AND I have written some fan fiction, and for anyone that subscribes to my newsletter before Valentine’s Day, I will send you a copy of labor of love to two universes that I enjoy.

 I’d love to hear from you: do you like fanfiction? Why or why not? If you have written some, or would want to, what universes would you write in? If you have written, where can we read some? Share in a comment below!

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