Prugar’s Publishing Propositions I: The Greatcoat Saga

Today starts the first in a series of posts where I share some books I highly recommend. I’m calling it Prugar’s Publishing Propositions.

I try to read a variety of stuff, and will strive to share some of the more engaging books I’ve read. Not everyone will like them, but I hope some of you are able to find an enjoyable new story that becomes one of your new favorites.

For my inaugural entry, I want to share my love of The Greatcoats Series by Sebastian DeCastell.

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The book tells the story of three Greatcoats, which are akin to the Three Musketeers. They travel to the farthest regions of their kingdom dispensing the justice of their king, playing judge.

In addition they were wear leather jackets – Greatcoats – that are impervious to most weapons. The main character, Falcio (foul-KEY-oh) Val Mond, is the leader of the Greatcoats, and his two companions, Kent and Bresti, are legends with the sword and bow and arrow.

As the tale begins, the King is dead and the Greatcoats are disbanded. Local noblemen run the local provinces now. The local noblemen hire them as security, but payment isn’t regular. It doesn’t help matters that their employer lies dead. They are forced to go on the run. While trying to stay alive and solve their employer’s murder, each Greatcoat is tasked with carrying out one last, individual mission given to their by their late Monarch.

What follows is a Game-of-Thrones level of intrigue, with plenty of swashbuckling adventure like the aforementioned Musketeers or Scaramouche. Oh, and did I mention there are gods? Not only are they real, they live among the people. And they can be killed and replaced.

I fell in love with this story two chapters in. I really felt everything Falcio and his friends went through in these four novels. And as I read the last sentence, I did something I have not done before – or since – when reading: I shed a tear. This story moved me.

Late last year, an anthology of short stories came out, Tales of the Greatcoats, adding to the saga. It has a mix of old and new characters, including a sort of supernatural Sherlock Holmes.

If you enjoy adventure and tales of friendship, you cannot go wrong with this series. It has suspense, romance and intrigue too. This is a world you will be eager to revisit. Check it out today.

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