Chasing Betty

Meet Garrison Chase, a private eye with a checkered past. As an army deserter, he’s used to running from his problems, but when a wealthy shipping magnate hires him to find his missing daughter and grandson, Chase can’t resist the allure of a big payday. What starts as a routine missing person’s case quickly turns into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, as Chase navigates a world of broken bridges and shifting allegiances.

With his own troubled past threatening to catch up with him, Chase must use all his cunning to solve the mystery of Betty’s disappearance before it’s too late. Chasing Betty is a heart-pounding mystery that will leave you guessing until the very end.

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“I enjoyed the hell out of this.” – Maia Sepp, Author of The Sock Wars

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book…kept me engaged and on the edge of my seat! I highly recommend.”Allie Frost, Author of I’m With You