Prugar’s Publishing Propositions II: The Dresden Files

The first novel in the series. Image Credit: Penguin Random House

What if Harry Potter was set in a noir-esque world of hard-boiled crime fiction? You’d have the Dresden Files, a series of novels by Jim Butcher.

Set in a modern-day Chicago, Harry Dresden is a private eye with magical powers. From Wikipedia: In the world of The Dresden Files, magic is real—as well as vampires, demons, spirits, faeries, werewolves, outsiders and other monsters—while the supernatural is widely discredited. Additionally, large portions of the globe (such as much of Central and South America) are largely under the control of supernatural factions. The White Council is an organization of human wizards, noted to wield significant economic power in the world, along with their supernatural power. Each species in the series (humans, faeries, vampires, etc.) has its own political and societal rules and organizations. The human wizards depend on the White Council, while faeries mostly belong to either of two Faerie Courts, or none at all (Wyldfae). Vampires belong to any of the four mentioned vampire courts. Other non-human creatures from a range of mythology make appearances.

He coordinates with a special division of the Chicago Police Deparment – think Law and Order: Special Magical Unit – who work on supernatural cases but come up with realistic, semi-plausible causes that the public can stomach. The head of that department is Karrin Murphy, who is his love interest and foil. She can hold her own with the magical world.

He’s the son of a real witch and a stage magician, and his grandfather is his Jedi-Master like mentor. His half-brother is a white court vampire – think succubus. There are also red court vampires – think Dracula, and black court – think the type that is always in the shape of a bat.

IF magic was real, I can absolutely see it working like it does in this series. No fluff is given, and real consequences play out. He works with Bob, a horny magical spirit who serves as his encyclopedia of magical things, and serves as a helper. He also has the help of a group of pixies, who help him in exchange for pizza.

There are all kinds of creatures that are given realistic roles in this world, while being grounded enough in reality.

This is a MUST for fans of detective fiction and magic. There are currently seventeen novels, two short story collections and plans for five more novels.

Start your magical journey today with Storm Front. You won’t be disappointed.

2023 Goals

Happy New Year! Yes, this is a bit late, but the year has been crazy to start. With my day job expanding to the general craziness of a a calendar change, I’ve had a lot going on.

Every year, I make goals for myself to complete creatively. I started doing this when I was just making films back in the early aughts, and I do so now with my novels.

I don’t like resolutions because that seems to imply subconsciously or not, that they won’t be completed. Goals, however, give me something to strive more and measure against.

I have been listening to Jim Kwik, a man who helps people increase their memory and get better at speed reading. One of his mantras when it comes to goals, they need to be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-based. I adjust my goals to this mantra.

So, without further ado, here are my goals:

-Publish two novels this year (one is coming soon!)

-Merge my book publishing arm and filmmaking group under one umbrella

-Complete one draft of two different screenplay stories

-Finish at least one day of production on my webseries..

I plan on sharing my progress here and on social media. I would leave to hear from all of you as well: what are some of your goals for 2023?

Early Christmas Presents

Like many around the world, I get excited at Christmas coming this Sunday. I am well past being a child, but my childlike wonder and love for the holiday haven’t wavered from my youth. I still love giving and receiving gifts. I got a couple recently that I wanted to share.

First off, Facebook named me a rising creator this week!

The second one, which I am over the moon about, is this girl here. I’m pleased to introduce a new member of the family: Cookie!

We lost our last pup, Lucy, on Thanksgiving Day 2021. It was sad, but she was 15 and had 6 years of love with Michelle and (later), me. A year later, Michelle had said she was ready to bring another dog into the home and share our love. Plus, our big boy, Bear, needed a new friend!

I have ALWAYS loved English Bulldogs. One of my life goals was to have one. I know they have a lot of health issues, but that doesn’t deter me. I would LOVE to have one by my side.

However, with everything going on, professionally mostly, having to deal with a dog’s health issues might be tough and not fair to any new dog we welcome. **We do senior rescue, because these wonderful animals are often overlooked. We love them and they are great for out lifestyle – already housebroken and often very loving.

So Michelle proposed a compromise – Cookie. A terrier and English Bulldog mix. We saw her and instantly fell in love. It took her a few days to get acclimated, but she comes to work and loves kisses (and treats – her grandma spoils her!). She’s 8 and she has a November birthday, like me (the 13th!). I love her and am so glad she’s here.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, and here’s to a great 2023!

I Need Your Help!

I recently got new headshots taken by the wonderful, talented Marcy Royce. The problem is, I can’t pick one!

Can you help?

This will be in the back of all my future novels, as well as on my website and certain social media pages. Please help me by responding with your favorite.

So what will it be? 1,2, or 3?