Cover Me

I hope you’re out there enjoying Memorial Day and keeping those that gave the ultimate sacrifice are in your thoughts.

After last week’s reveal of the cover of Garrison Chase’s next adventure, I have another surprise for you today: Chasing Betty is getting a makeover!

This update was necessary, in order to provide continuity to the Garrison Chase series. And it will help you, dear reader, going forward. The first three novels will be tied together and share a similar color scheme. Books 4-6 will also share ties and have a synchronous color scheme as well (but different from the first three novels).

This cover will be available to pre-order soon and be available June 29th, the date of Chasing Blue Blood‘s launch. I do have some copies of the original Chasing Betty cover, which will be hereby known as the First Edition.

I’m excited to share these exciting changes with you, and if you want to be the first to know these changes, sign up for my newsletter!

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