NFL Nostradamus

I am a big NFL fan. I love watching football more than any other sport. Been a fan since The Drive, the 1986 AFC Championship Game when John Elway led my fave team, the Denver Broncos, 98 yards to tie the Cleveland Browns and eventually win in overtime, getting to their first Super Bowl. I suffered through four blowout losses (I was born after Super Bowl XII), celebrating when they won their four.

I play fantasy football, in the same league I began in my seventh grade homeroom class. And every year since 2011, I’ve made NFL predictions. They very rarely come true, but it’s fun to make them.

There’s even more excitement for me, because for the first time since they won Super Bowl 50, Denver is in the conversation for the Super Bowl. Trading for one of the top 5 QBs in the league will do that.

So without further ado, here are my picks for the 2022 NFL Season.

+-Division Champ *-Wild Card Team

AFC East: 1) Buffalo+ 2) Miami* 3) New England 4) NY Jets

AFC North: 1) Baltimore+ 2) Cincinnati 3) Pittsburgh 4) Cleveland

AFC South: 1) Indianapolis* 2) Tennessee 3) Jacksonville 4) Houston

AFC West: 1) LA Chargers* 2) Kansas City* 3) Denver* 4) Las Vegas

NFC East: 1) Philly+ 2) Washington* 3) Dallas 4) NY Giants

NFC North: 1) Minnesota+ 2) Green Bay* 3)Chicago 4) Detroit

NFC South: 1) Tampa Bay+ 2)New Orleans 3) Carolina 4)Atlanta

NFC West: 1) LA Rams+ 2)Arizona* 3) San Francisco 4) Seattle

AFC Wild Card: Baltimore over Miami, Denver over LA, Kansas City over Indy

NFC Wild Card: Tampa Bay over Arizona, Philly over Green Bay, Minnesota over Washington

AFC Divisional: Buffalo over Denver, Kansas City over Baltimore

NFC Divisional: LA Rams over Minnesota, Tampa Bay over Philly

AFC Championship: Buffalo over Kansas City

NFC Championship: Tampa Bay over LA Rams

Super Bowl: Buffalo over Tampa Bay

Notes: I don’t believe Tua in Miami or Jalen Hurts are the long term answers for Miami & Philly, respectively, but the teams around them are good.

As for the AFC South, I think Matt Ryan makes the Colts the most complete team there, but their coach will keep them from going far.

The AFC West could have all four teams make it, as they are by far the best division, with 4 Top-10 QBs.

The NFC is wide open. I think Green Bay takes a step back with fewer weapons, and Washington steps up. But experience and talent win out.

Buffalo will exact revenge over their loss in last year’s wild AFC Divisional Game against KC, and Tampa Bay will do the same against the Rams.

In the Super Bowl, Brady goes out with a loss, as Buffalo finally wins a title and Josh Allen is cemented as the best QB in the game.

I’m excited to see how this plays out and in any event, I will enjoy this season.

And Go Broncos!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments, and if you disagree, I’d love to hear your picks.

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