Reading List 2022

A few years ago, I started tracking what I read in Field Notes notebooks (which I love, and are made in America). I did this mainly because I sometimes bought multiple copies of the same book.

Not long after, I discovered Goodreads. Not only could I have this list for life (negating the need for remembering where I stored my notebooks), but I could save the Field Notes for their original – and, more important – purpose – a place to store my ideas. Which is good, because I am up to 45 notebooks and counting.

(I write everything down, but that is another post altogether).

A couple of awesome authors I follow post their reading lists, and I figured I’d do the same thing. It gives me some insight into them, and also serves as a recommendation engine – though I have a To Be Read pile of about three dozen titles.

I try to read one fiction and one nonfiction title together. I read one on my Kindle during lunch, the other a physical book before bed.

Thanks to Goodreads, I create a reading goal every year. I hit 42 last year – on New Year’s Eve! – and this year, I am aiming for 45. I have more trips coming up this year – pando permitting, of course – so I didn’t want to go overboard – but just under 4 a month. You can check out my profile here, but for now, here’s what I’ve read so far:

  1. Firefly: Life Signs by James Lovegrove
  2. How to Make a Living with Your Writing by Joanna Penn
  3. The Electric State by Simon Stålenhag
  4. Star Wars: The Fallen Star b Claudia Gray
  5. Successful Self-Publishing by Joanna Penn

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