Book Launch

What a night! The Book Launch for Chasing Betty was an absolute success! We held it at, a brewpub in the downtown York square. The restaurant is an L-shape, and we had the entire right side of the restaurant.

Iron Horse Restaurant (courtesy of

I cannot say enough about the manager, Fran and her staff. They took care of us all night. They said had it not been for our event, the place would have been dead.

In addition to the launch, we had a signature drink for the event, an alcoholic take on a cream soda float – since Garrison Chase, the main character of Chasing Betty, loves it – called The Garrison. Not only was it made for the event, but Fran said it’s becoming a permanent part of their menu!

The drink on the right is The Garrrison, an alcoholic cream soda inspired float (photo courtesy Debbie Garland)

My lovely partner, Michelle, who in addition to being the love of my life, is also my PR manager, had not 1, not 2, but THREE cakes for the event. In fairness, two of them were for my birthday.

The cakes. The one in the front is based on a fake “missing person” flyer we made to promote the book. The last two cakes are for my birthday. I might have a small obsession with Star Wars.

I did a reading of the first four pages of the book and did a signing as well. I was overwhelmed by all of the support and hope that every author gets to experience this.

courtesy of Debbie Garland

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